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We are dedicated to developing species-based agricultural solutions designed to improve animal health, performance and productivity to those who strive for the health of their livestock. 

Offering exceptional customer service is at our core, equal to our technical ability to research, test and develop high quality products that go above and beyond expectation.  We believe in making agriculture great.

Our philosophy is based on fundamental principles that underline the importance of the animals’ internal and external biological systems and their subsequent impact on health and well-being.

A thorough understanding of farming production systems is essential before we apply our Smart Science TM and core scientific competencies in microbiology, biochemistry, enzymology and immunology.  With this knowledge the challenges are identified and key technologies applied to build product-based solutions. 

As our global need for sustainable food grows, we understand our pivotal role in developing science-based solutions that supports those who produce food. 

We  supply our products through a network of agricultural
distributors, right around the world. Our distributors are supported
through our exceptional customer service and product support.


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